How do I fix “The main process encountered a JavaScript error” after installing the FortiClient software in Windows?

This article describes how to resolve a JavaScript error in the main process after installing the FortiClient software on Windows.

Solved: How do I fix this


FortiClient software installed on a Windows machine


Step 1: Uninstall the Forticlent software using the FortiClient removal tool. Follow the steps to uninstall the FortiClient software from the Windows endpoint. Restart the Windows machine after the uninstallation process is complete.

Step 2: Install the latest version of Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable. It is possible to download the files via the link above.

Step 3: Delete all old C++ Redistributables you find in the Control Panel. Follow the article (Uninstall or Uninstall Apps and Programs in Windows) to remove those old C++ services. After uninstalling, restart the Windows machine.

Step 4: Reinstall the targeted FortiClient version and run the application as an administrator.

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