How do I block Anydesk with ISDB?

This article describes how to block Anydesk traffic without UTM configured, then block it using ISDB.




Step 1: Go to Policies & Objects and select Create new.

Step 2: Destination -> Internet Services -> filter the name every desk and select Anydesk – Anydesk.

Destination -> Internet Service -> filter the name anydesk and select Anydesk-Anydesk.” width=”936″ height=”673″ src=”–E5ya-PES1NGLtwVfS0yl4EIhuOCw9itdBr5xm48W0KWnlmRTFwYtOTt_b7GRPDBUGr42tHRGgo6bbVA1i4ixTeh4ZnmYIAGXfgjaCDm35U_t3Rg=w936-h673-no?authuser=0″ loading=”lazy” data-trellis-processed=”1″/></p> <p><strong>Step 3</strong>: Configure and select other fields <strong>Okay</strong>.</p> <p><strong>Step 4</strong>: Drag the policy up to take effect. </div> </div> <div style=

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