High rev in life – run a little low

Have you ever had strange fantasies about the attractive person living across your street? Have, don’t lie. We’ve all had this idea in our heads that we’re going to take that stunning blonde, cover it up and smoke it for a bigger score than Jesse Pinkman on his best day. Jesse can also tell you that medications can have side effects, including digestive issues. Like my kitten recently, High on Life has diarrhea – only the game has the verbal kind.

High on Life Review 02 Diarrhoea

Not a great start, is it? I’ll start by saying I’m not completely upset with High on Life. It’s a perfectly functional game, but just being functional doesn’t get me high. If you haven’t got or got a Game Pass yet, let me tell you what High on Life is. It is a shooting game with platform elements. Think Ratchet & Clank, but without the magic, fun, humor, great characters, excellent writing and charm. Also, knowing what makes such a game suitable.

Wait, no, pluses. So, the guns are decent enough. You’ll find four guns (five if you include the weapon saved for the last level – and potential post-game messes or DLC) across your travels, each with a unique sound and personality. There’s also a knife that takes an overly sexual exhilaration out of pulling anything out and ripping its guts out. Comedy, you see.

this is not fair. I enjoyed Knifey. I liked Knifey more than any other weapon or character in the game because he wasn’t around All the bloody time. He’s got a few lines here and there, made me laugh, and didn’t make me want to rip out my eardrums with pelican private parts. Early on, I have to admit I wanted to hear how each weapon would reach different sides, but in the end, they all come to the same level of telling you that the “deception slot” is ready (which means you can use its special attack). It will also remind you of the current goal from time to time. Most of all, they’ll comment on how weak enemies are a waste of time and how boring waves of enemies are.

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Despite the constant waves of enemies, I will say the gunplay within High on Life is decent once you get the later Gatlians (exotic weapon types). You’ll also find some fun little aspects here and there, like watching the full live action movies on TV or in the cinema you can project. The only other thing I can commend is the action in the game. The areas are wide enough, vertical, and offer many collectibles and secrets, all of which are accessed through Gatlians’ trick shots, as well as using your jetpack.

High on Life Review 03 Watching a Film

High on Life’s art style adds strength to the traversal of the different areas within High on Life. Like I said in my preview, it’s very colorful. Simply put, it’s nice to look at; I imagine it will age well aesthetically. This, along with the level design, is a positive. The way the worlds open up as you complete more rewards (kill bosses) and get more Gatlians through alternate shooting modes – which act as ways to travel – is one of the game’s few unqualified positives.

If only there were more. Although the weapon variety is small, I find it provides enough to seal the deal’s end in combat. The only problem is that the game doesn’t offer enough enemy variety to keep it engaged. Like I mentioned before, it admits how boring some of the enemies can be. Squanch Games probably thought it was funny – the truth is, telling me some enemies are a waste of time or criticizing another arena battle is just highlighting what my brain is already telling me.

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I must also say that playing with weapons is completely floating. This will be a negative for some, but I never expected it to be such a tight shooter. It does what it needs to and offers a slight mod system (you can buy mods from in-game shops and other upgrades) to add a little extra variety to the weapons. It doesn’t stand out as something special, but it’s better than nothing.

As said, traversal is one of the disqualifying positives. High on Life is a first-person platformer that’s much better than a shooter. I enjoy exploring areas, trying to find Luglox chests (I just wrote Lugnut, from Future Man, by accident – watch this demo), collectible cards, and warp points to explore the little extra items Squanch Games has added. This is even if some of the extras have the same sense of humor as the rest of the game, for example connecting pipes so that one alien can eat his friend’s droppings.

High on Life Review 04 Nipulon

There isn’t much to say about High on Life. The setting is as irreverent as you’d expect – you’re a kid who picked up an alien weapon during aliens invading Earth, and you can handle it because you’ve played a lot of video games – one you play at the beginning of the game. Meet more characters, and you encounter no narrative arc. Unless you count betrayal that I immediately knew would betray you, I don’t because it was so obvious it could have been a fifty-foot neon sign.

So, do I like High on Life? When I wrote my preview, I expected to like it. I remember seeing it while not at E3 and I thought it looked good. It’s certainly done well for itself on Game Pass and Steam, but I can’t say I have any positive feelings for it. Maybe that’s why my review was delayed. That’s not the reason, but I just wanted to put a few more lines in there to mimic High on Life in how it never stops. No, it never stops. It just goes on and on and on. It continues until the joke is well and truly killed; I think he’s a victim of Fred West. or the victim was killed by repeated stabbings, possibly with her genitals. Also, they were covered in poo because that’s such an important thing in life.

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High on Life Review 01 Header
High on Life Review 01 Header

high on life

High on Life has the potential to be a divisive game. While the gameplay is more than adequate – if you’re satisfied with an unrefined, semi-arcade shooter – you then come down to the dialogue and ‘comedy’, which, to me, was overdone to the point of annoyance. Funny to start but repeat so often that the drinking game will lead to liver failure. Fortunately, being in a passing game, you don’t have to put in much effort to find out if you like it.

  • A strong visual style that is reasonably attractive and age appropriate.
  • The action is reasonably fun, with enough variety of options, thanks to the alternate firing modes for your weapon.
  • Decent platform items.
  • However, combat is limited to enemy types and over-reliance on arenas.
  • Then, the game commits the cardinal sin of saying bad bad things – missing the fact that it’s bad in this game, too.
  • Linking to this is the general humor and dialogue, which is often exaggerated to the point of annoyance.

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