HDMI 2.1, AMD Fressync Premium, and VRR

LG introduces its all-new 2023 TV lineup with its latest Z3, G3 and C3 OLED TV series offering HDMI 2.1, AMD Freesync Premium and VRR support.

LG 2023 OLED lineup revealed at CES: Z3, G3, C3 OLED series with brand new features

Press release: LG Electronics (LG) has unveiled its 2023 TV lineup, which is topped off by its most advanced OLED TV lineup yet. With outstanding self-illuminating picture quality, powerful image processing technologies, and an enhanced webOS platform that offers more smart features and services, the company’s latest OLED TVs elevate the viewing experience as does LG OLED.

A decade after introducing the world to its first-ever large-screen OLED TV, LG continues to lead the premium TV market. The company’s cutting-edge OLED TVs have been recognized with a CES Innovation Award 11 years in a row, and have continued to evolve over time to deliver greater value to consumers. LG OLED is known for its exceptional picture quality, producing vibrant, accurate colors with deep blacks and an infinite contrast ratio for images that come remarkably alive.

In addition to creating more immersive viewing experiences, LG’s self-lighting technology has enabled the company to create unprecedented, visually stunning TV factors, including market firsts such as the bendable LG SIGNATURE OLED R and the bendable LG OLED Flex. Honored twice at the CES 2023 Innovation Award, LG OLED Flex won Best Innovation in the Gaming category.

Leading LG’s 2023 OLED lineup are its latest Z3, G3 and C3 OLED Evo series TVs. Thanks to the precision and performance of OLED Evo technology and the new α9 AI Gen6 processor, these new upgraded models deliver greater brightness and color accuracy as well as stunning clarity and detail.

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Another significant upgrade applied to this year’s OLED Evo G3 series is LG’s Brightness Booster Max technology, which incorporates a new light control architecture and light boost algorithms to increase brightness by up to 70 percent. Brightness is set and controlled on a pixel-by-pixel basis, resulting in sharper, more realistic images.

The 2023 LG G3 OLED Evo models also feature an aesthetic update by introducing an ultra-smooth single wall design. While leaving no visible gap when mounted on the wall, this year’s models add style and elegance to the living room.

Designed for first-class home cinema experiences, LG OLED TVs continue to support the picture and sound enhancement capabilities of Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. What’s more, this year’s TVs offer seamless integration with the latest Soundbars, delivering impressive multi-channel surround sound in IMAX-enhanced quality powered by DTS:X. LG TV and soundbar also combine to offer the WOW Orchestra feature, which takes advantage of the sound channels of both products To produce a stronger and more immersive sound.

As expected, LG’s 2023 OLED models support a wide range of HDMI 2.1a-compliant features. They are also the first TVs to be HDMI certified for the recently announced Quick Media Switching VRR (QMS-VRR) device. QMS-VRR can eliminate the instantaneous “black screen” that sometimes occurs when switching between content played from different source devices connected via a TV’s HDMI 2.1a-compliant ports.

The ultimate gaming displays, LG’s self-illuminating OLED TVs feature a 0.1ms response time, low input lag, and up to four HDMI 2.1a compatible ports. LG OLED TVs are also equipped with Game Optimizer, allowing users to quickly select and switch between game-specific features, such as game screen presets. G-SYNC compatible, FreeSync™ Premium and Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) settings are easily accessible from the Game Optimizer as well.

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