Google may be working on a Pixel Tablet Pro, according to a recent code leak, but there are no specs available

Google hasn’t provided a preview of the Pixel Tablet Pro, but that doesn’t mean the company isn’t working on this specific model. The leaked code indicates that the advertising giant has invested in the tablet market, and the upcoming version is likely to take over the most premium iPad Pro family in some time.

Pixel Tablet specifications provide a benchmark for the type of internal hardware that may be present in the “Pro” version

While digging for code in Google’s Camera Go app, in addition to discovering that next year’s Pixel 8 lineup will support a new camera sensor and crosshair HDR, Kuba Wojciechowski also notes that a Pixel Tablet Pro is in the works. Find out with a series called TangorPro. Unfortunately, that’s all the information he can provide regarding the tablet.

Since Google hasn’t provided a preview, it’s safe to assume that the “Pro” model is in its early stages of design. It was previously reported that the Regular is in the EVT, or Engineering Verification Phase, which means the hardware and design are complete, and more testing is under way. We suspect next year’s Pixel Tablet Pro may be previewed during the I/O 2023 keynote, providing more details regarding the listing, including its design.

The presence of the Pixel Tablet Pro is in the code

At this time, due to a severe lack of information, we can still make some predictions based on the various “professional” tablets we’ve seen over the years. The Pixel Tablet Pro may feature a slightly larger screen than the regular version, possibly extending to 13 inches diagonally, providing more screen space for carrying out a variety of tasks.

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Since the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro are rumored to ship with Tensor 3, which is said to be mass-produced on Samsung’s 3nm GAA process, the Pixel Tablet Pro could also be handled by the same SoC. We also think it will come with a dual camera array on the back, along with an improved design to differentiate itself from the regular model. However, as mentioned earlier, this is just speculation, and we’ll have to wait for more details, so stay tuned.

news source: Kuba Wojciechowski

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