God of War Ragnarok – How to solve all the puzzles in Helheim

The Reunion Quest in Helheim is one of the main story missions in God of War Ragnarok, and it features some challenging door puzzles. As you advance in this area, you will find many portals that will not remain open unless you freeze their machinery with the help of Sigil Arrows and Leviathan Axe. The Reunion mission has four door puzzles, and it increases in difficulty with each one.

You must carefully analyze their equipment if you want to keep the doors open and move forward with the mission. Your companion will also give you valuable tips if you encounter one or more puzzles. However, if you need some help with Helheim’s gear door puzzles, you’ll find the solution to each of them in this guide.

brake alert: This guide contains spoilers for the game.

How to solve Helheim Gate puzzles in God of War Ragnarok

In the Reunion In the quest, Kratos and Atreus search for a way to stop Garm. Along the way, they will find four different doors that will not remain open unless Sigil Arrows and Frost are used. No alternative routes can be taken, and the entire path is straightforward, so the only chance to complete the task is to solve the portal’s puzzles.

This can be accomplished by attaching sigils and throwing an ax at them to teleport Frost. This way, nearby objects will freeze, including the gears blocking each door’s gate. To shoot a Sigil arrow towards a certain point, you need to aim with L2 and then shoot it by pressing the Square button. To activate the Frost effect, throw the Leviathan ax at Sigil and wait for the gear to freeze. You can shoot the same Sigil twice to amplify its effect and extend its range, making it easier to link up with other Sigils and solve door puzzles. This can also be done with puzzles involving the Blades of Chaos, as shown in the River Sigil puzzle in Vanaheim.

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With each Helheim Gate puzzle, you must first interact with the wheel to unlock the door. Next, use the Sigil Arrows and Leviathan Ax to freeze the gears. This way, the portal will remain open for a while, just enough to allow you to pass through and move on in the game. Below, you’ll find the solution to all the Helheim Doors puzzles in God of War Ragnarok.

Helheim Door Mystery #1

The first puzzle is the easiest to solve. You need to interact with the wheel, raise the gate and place Sigil exactly where you see in the screenshot. Hit Sigil’s center twice to fully expand it, then throw the Leviathan ax to freeze the gear. You can now leave the wheel and enter through the opened door.

Helheim Door Puzzle #2

When you find the second gear door puzzle, you need to interact with the wheel to the left of the path and open the gate. Next, fire Sigil’s arrow at the exact point you see in the screenshot and expand it by hitting it twice. Then, use the pickaxe to freeze the gear.

Helheim Door Puzzle #3

The mystery of the third door in Helheim is not very different from the first two. You must interact with the wheel on the left to open the gate and then shoot Sigil’s arrow, as shown in the screenshot. He shot two more sigil arrows at him to expand his area. Use your Leviathan ax by throwing it at Sigil, then go through the opened gate.

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Helheim Door Puzzle #4

The last door puzzle in Helheim can give you some problems, as it is more of a challenge than others. You must interact with the wheel on the right, below the main path, and only half of the gate opens. Shoot the first Sigil arrow at the part of the gear you can reach, then open the other half of the door. Place the second Sigil on the other end of the gear that can now be hit with arrows, and throw the ax at it. This way, the portal will remain open, and you will finally be able to walk through it.

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