GIGABYTE Intel Arc A310 & A380 Dedicated Graphics Cards Appear in Russia Starting at $170

A few months ago, Gigabyte submitted five model numbers to the Eurasian Economic Commission that would be based on Intel Arc graphics cards. This was a long-running rumor that the company was discussing becoming a partner of Intel, and registering with the ECC confirmed the information needed to verify its existence. The Russian DNS online store lists two new Gigabyte Intel Arc graphics cards based on the A380 and A310 GPUs.

GIGABYTE has confirmed that dedicated A310 and A380 graphics cards based on Intel Arc-A designs will go on sale for as low as $170.

With Gigabyte not announcing the two cards to the public, it’s creating some confusion. The two cards have sold out in the online store for more than a week, but Gigabyte hasn’t officially announced the graphics cards. However, by listing on DNS, we can verify that Gigabyte is now a dedicated graphics card manufacturer for AMD, NVIDIA, and Intel.

GIGABYTE ARC A380 and A310 graphics cards.  Image source: DNS via VideoCardz.
GIGABYTE ARC A380 and A310 graphics cards.  Image source: DNS via VideoCardz.

First, does DNS sell graphics cards before the official launch by Gigabyte? And if Gigabyte doesn’t intend to announce the two cards globally, will they be used to help with graphics and find other uses, such as mining cryptocurrency? The last question is probably very impossible as Intel and AMD have not been chosen to use in the past for cryptocurrency mining, even with Intel creating a specific card for mining and NVIDIA making alternative cards for the same service.

The Intel Arc A380 and A310 dedicated graphics cards designed by Gigabyte are based on the ACM-G11 GPU. The A380 will be Gigabyte’s top-tier graphics card, with two consumer options offered – the A380 GAMING OC and WINDFORCE OC – both offering overclocking potential, featuring 8 Xe-Cores with 6GB of 96-bit memory. The A310 model, named WINDFORCE GPU and considered the affordable of the two, offers 7 Xe-Cores with 4GB of 64-bit memory.

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The boost clock for GIGABYTE’s dedicated A380 GPUs will have either 2350 to 2450MHz. Another advantage of the A380 graphics cards from GIGABYTE compared to the A310 model is that they offer a single six-pin power connector. All boards are identical outside of the six-pin connector, and the A380 GAMING OC graphics card is missing a heatsink that would normally be located behind the third fan. The VideoCardz website states there is one heatsink for the entire GPU.

The three graphics cards will be inexpensive for consumers compared to current AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards, ranging from $10 to $231 after converting from the ruble. Intel Arc A380 GAMING and WINDFORCE OC graphics cards from GIGABYTE cost 14999₽ ($231) and 13999₽ ($216), while Intel Arc A310 WINDFORCE from GIGABYTE costs 10999₽ ($170).

News source: VideoCardz

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