Genshin Impact Unreal Engine 5 concept shows improved lighting

A new concept video has been released for Genshin Impact Unreal Engine 5, showing what the popular open-world RPG will look like in Epic’s new game engine.

The free-to-play title MiHoYo raked in over $3 billion in its first release year and has won numerous awards since 2020. Development on Genshin Impact began in 2017 using the Unity Engine. Sure, this open-world RPG isn’t the most visually demanding game on the market, but many would have loved to see the game run in the Unreal Engine.

Bilibili’s “Steam Cat Marterio” did just that and released Genshin Impact UE5 Imagine, showing the game benefiting from slightly improved visuals and lighting. It should be noted that this is just a concept video, but we wanted to share it nonetheless. Watch the new video below:

Genshin Impact was released back in 2020. Here’s what we wrote about the game in our review:

Of course, in addition to making things less fun, Genshin Impact’s gacha system has the potential to be quite exploitative. Based on my own experiences, you can unlock some decent characters and weapons with a reasonable real money investment or simply by playing a custom mode, but if you want to unlock 5-star items? You will have to shell out hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars as the drop rates for those top notch goodies are very low. As I warned earlier, if you get into trouble with gambling or similar free games, stay well away.

However, if exploration and adventure are all that interest you, there is plenty of free content on offer here. It will take most players at least 20-30 hours to play through Genshin Impact’s current set of core story quests, and of course, there are plenty of additional side things to go through. And again, the game is over by less than a third! You could argue a game of the scale of Genshin Impact, from an independent developer like miHoYo, wouldn’t be possible without the steady funding provided by the F2P model. Perhaps the finale will be so impressive that the ends will justify the means, but in the meantime, some players may have a hard time finding the motivation to see this half-finished vision.

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