Generation unveils DDR5-8000 memory kits, Polaris with RGB and Evo-V with active cooling technology

I have a generation announce Upcoming DDR5-8000 memory kits that will feature CL38 timing and will be available in Q1 2023.

GeIL will release ultrafast DDR5-8000 memory kits in early 2023 with CL38 timings at 1.45V

The most innovative feature of the GeIL EVO V DDR5 RGB Hardcore gaming memory kits is the heat spreader, designed to apply active cooling with its dual fans and flashy RGB lighting aesthetic across the top half. A heat shield providing dual-fan cooling provides approximately forty-seven percent more heat dissipation than standard heat shields on competing memory kits. EVO V DDR5 RGB gaming memory kits come in two colors – Glacier White and bold Titanium Grey. The new memory is compatible with Intel and supports most CPU coolers with less interference.

Image source: Jill.
Image source: Jill.

Gamers and PC enthusiasts have been expecting more from GeIL to improve their gaming experience, and our answer is EVO V DDR5 RGB Hardcore Gaming Memory.

The EVO V set a new standard in heat shield design as we created a “FAntastic” dual-fan active cooling system to keep the EVO V within the ideal thermal range. The RGB lighting and fans are part of a one-piece heat spreader design that boosts overclocking performance and builds an eye-catching system.

Jennifer Huang, Vice President, Generation Memory

The architecture of GeIL EVO V DDR5 RGB Hardcore gaming memory clusters is based on a power management integrated circuit, in both locked and unlocked options, providing a high level of protection, voltage monitoring, control and power management options for those seeking to take advantage of new memory for its overclocking capabilities. The ECC function allows active error correction, stability and memory performance improvements, and improved data integrity.

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Generation to launch ultrafast DDR5-8000 memory kits early 2023 with CL38 timings at 1.45V2

GeIL EVO V DDR5 RGB Hardcore gaming memory kits support the latest XMP 3.0 profiles from Intel, allowing for easy enthusiast customization and tweaking. Each module offers precisely arranged memory chips and integrated circuits for enhanced performance reliability.

Generation to launch ultrafast DDR5-8000 memory kits early 2023 with CL38 timings at 1.45V3

GeIL also offers the new POLARIS RGB memory kit with memory capacities up to 64GB and memory speeds up to 8000MHz, and will fit most CPU coolers. The Polaris RGB line will be available for both Intel and AMD processors.

News sources: GeIL, GeIL, TechPowerUP

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