GALAX UNVEILS HOF PRO DDR5-8000 Memory Kits & PCIe 5.0 HOF Extreme 50 10 GB/s SSD

GALAX just revealed two of its next generation products which include HOF PRO DDR5-8000 Memory and PCIe 5.0 HOF Extreme 50 10GB/s SSD.


Just yesterday, we were talking about how GALAX is going to unveil two new HOF products that the company just announced. Known as the most premium part of the GALAX line for its quality and craftsmanship, the HOF offers the best performance for enthusiasts and also the best overclocking for extreme users.

GALAX HOF PRO DDR5 memory kits

Today’s first announcement is the GALAX HOF DDR5 PRO memory kits which come in three frequency options ranging from DDR5-6800, DDR5-7200 and up to DDR5-8000. The new clusters are integrated with Hynix A-Die and fully support the Intel XMP 3.0 standard. All kits come in a 16GB x 2 configuration and the main DDR5-8000 kit is said to be capable of hitting over 120GB/s of raw bandwidth with a latency of 56.4ns.

The GALAX HOF PRO DDR5 memory modules use a white aluminum body while the logo on the side and the diffuser on the top come with RGB LED lighting that looks great. GALAX has used a new aluminum heatsink that is said to dissipate heat effectively. The HOF series modules also retain the white color PCB (limited to DDR5-6800 / DDR5-7200 kits).

GALAX HOF Extreme 50 PCIe 5.0 SSD

The second announcement is the GALAX HOF Extreme 50 PCIe 5.0 SSD which is a super fast Gen5 SSD with a huge heatsink and an active cooling solution. The SSD will come in two versions, the 1TB variant with read and write speeds of 9,500MB/s (1,300,000 IOPS) and 8,500MB/s (1,100,000 IOPS) while the 2TB variant will have read and write speeds rated at 10,000MB. / sec (1,500,000 IOPS) and 9,500 MB/sec (1,250,000 IOPS). GALAX also plans to release a 12GB/s variant in the future as Gen 5 SSDs mature.

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The GALAX HOF Extreme 50 PCIe 5.0 SSD will use LPDDR4/DDR4 DRAM cache and 232-layer NAND Flash. It will be based on Phison E26 PCIe Gen 5.0 Controller. There’s currently no word on pricing or availability, but we expect to hear more about these around CES 2023, which is just a few weeks away.

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