How to Watch US TV from Outside the US

how to watch us tv from outside the us

Disclaimer: Certain pages on this site may contain affiliate links. This does not affect our editorial in any way. Are you wondering how to watch American TV from outside the US? We live in the golden age of American TV, and America produces some of the best shows in the world. There is also a … Read more

How to send money via iMessage

imessage how to send money

Sometimes you may need to send money quickly. One convenient way is to use iMessage. You can use this app to send money to family and friends through your Apple Pay account. All iMessage texts are fully encrypted, so when you send money with this service, you can trust it’s safe and secure. In this … Read more

How to tell if Hisense TV has bluetooth


Bluetooth is a useful short-range wireless technology, but it goes far beyond what’s mandatory to use a Hisense TV. That said, something is better than nothing, especially if you want to use headphones, AirPods, soundbars, and other similar gadgets. You might be surprised to know that some Hisense TVs don’t have Bluetooth. At the very … Read more

How to Turn Off the Touchscreen on a Chromebook

how to turn off the touch screen on a chromebook

Chromebooks are great devices if you don’t need a laptop capable of handling demanding programs. If you’re after the browser experience, buying a Chromebook is an excellent idea. However, some features can become a little too much. Touch screens are a typical example. It’s perfect for easy browsing, and it’s the perfect combination of smartphone … Read more

How to Make a Transparent Background in Illustrator

Illustrator How to Make Background Transparent

Backgrounds are an integral part of any Illustrator project. By default, the program saves your work with a white background, which may not always match your vision. You might decide to make it transparent, so how do you do that? This article will reveal the answer. We’ll explain how to make Illustrator backgrounds transparent. Illustrator: … Read more

How to Loop a Video Using VLC

How to Loop Videos With VLC

VLC is a powerful media player that supports various media formats and a rich feature library. The app offers a plethora of media controls for more control over the media you’re playing. One of the features that VLC offers is to loop videos. If you are wondering how to loop videos using VLC media player, … Read more

How to Manage Subtitles for Amazon Prime Video [All Major Devices]

How to Manage Subtitles for Amazon Prime Video All Major Devices

Amazon Prime Video needs no introduction; it’s one of the most popular and versatile streaming platforms around. Given its popularity, it can be useful to know how to manage subtitles in Amazon Prime Video. This article explains how to enable and disable Amazon Prime Video subtitles for Firestick, Roku, Smart TVs, and more. In addition … Read more