Forspoken PS5 Comparison presents visible reductions

A Forspoken PS5 comparison video has been released, comparing the visuals of the newly released demo to those of the 2020 reveal trailer.

A demo of Luminous Productions’ upcoming action RPG was released last week, and tech channel ElAnalistaDeBits has put the PS5 demo on the test stand. Forspoken runs on the Luminous Engine but according to this new comparison, the game might be better off with Epic’s Unreal Engine. As can be seen in this new video, the lighting, textures, geometry, and detail density are distinctly lower compared to the reveal trailer shown back in 2020. Also, the game’s ray-tracing mode appears to be lacking ray-tracing shadows for various items, including In that vegetation. As it stands, this mod doesn’t seem like the best way to experience this title on PlayStation 5.

Check out the new comparison video below and judge for yourself:

– Forspoken offers 3 graphics modes in this demo: Quality, Ray Tracing and Performance.

– The demo is an excerpt from the final version of the game. I don’t expect major changes in visual appearance or performance when it’s released in January.

– Quality mode has better textures, drawing distance, and higher resolution (1728 pixels on average).

– Ray-Tracing reduces resolution (1512p on average), texture quality, and drawing distance to render better shadows on some items, but not on reflections or general lighting.

– Ray-Tracing for shadows does not apply to all elements. Vegetation does not benefit from this technology and represents a large part of the environment. I definitely do not recommend this display mode.

Performance mode has the same texture and clipping distance drawing as Ray-Tracing mode, plus its resolution is limited to dynamic 1440p with temporal reconstruction. Despite the visual sacrifices, it does not maintain a stable 60fps.

– Forspoken supports 120Hz, however, this mode limits the maximum resolution to 1440p in all display modes. Ray tracing and Quality modes hit 40fps at 120Hz, while Performance mode stays at 60fps.

– Compared to the 2020 Reveal Trailer, we can see that the game has seen a significant decrease since then in lighting, textures, geometry, detail density…

– I consider Luminous Engine not up to par in Forspoken and the end result is far from what was initially promised on a visual level. This is another clue as to why Square Enix has migrated the Final Fantasy franchise to Unreal Engine.

After several delays, Forspoken is now set to release on January 24th for PS5 and PC.

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