Forspoken cannot be executed on Last-Gen Say Devs, the game is specially optimized for PS5

While we’re now in the current generation of consoles, the number of truly “next-gen” titles is still fairly slim. Most games are still cross-platform, and in cases where the title is only on newer platforms, the choice often seems to have been driven by business decisions rather than the design and technology of the game itself. Forspoken is a current-gen exclusive, launching on PC and PS5 only, but does it really require the new hardware? According to an interview with VG247 with Forspoken director Takeshi Aramaki, the answer is “yes,” as the game was designed to take advantage of the PS5 and its consoles from the ground up.

“From the early stages of game design, we always thought of doing something that could only be done on PS5. Bringing that full force out was something we’ve been aiming for since day one. So I don’t think it’s going to be possible to get Forspoken on PS4 at all, in terms of Engine, graphics or whatever we do with the gameplay.

For PS5, haptic feedback is something we really wanted to explore – we think it’s a really interesting feature, and we wanted to see what it could do. This also applies to visual effects. […] We wanted to get the spells into people’s hands as well, so they could feel them properly, as well as see them while they were casting them. […] In the game, Fry has a slap on her right arm. She has magic that comes from her fingertips. And you, the player, have a color that matches the magic you’re wielding through the controller, and Cuff speaks to you via DualSense as well. “

So, Forspoken was designed with the PS5 in mind, but what about PC? We’ve seen precious little of the game running on PC, with nearly all screenshots and previews running on PS5. The game demo is also exclusive to PS5. If this is causing you some anxiety, well… it might be justified. According to Aramaki, Forspoken is optimized specifically for the Sony platform.

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“In terms of the platform, the game will be released for both PS5 and PC. But it was created from the start with the potential of PS5 in mind, and as such it is really optimized for that platform.”

Of course, that doesn’t mean the PC version of Forspoken will be bad. We don’t know much about her yet. Whether Forspoken’s technical metrics overall remains to be seen, as analysis highlighted a rather large visual dip compared to the first trailers for the game. You can check out Wccftech’s latest hands-on preview for Forspoken here.

Forspoken launches on PC and PS5 on January 24, 2023.

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