Final Fantasy VII – Reunion New Mod aims to restore the original English voices

Among the many changes featured in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII – Reunion is an all-new voice acting, with actors who voiced characters in Final Fantasy VII Remake reprising their roles. However, the English voices of the original version are admired by quite a few fans, and the new mod now available online aims to fully restore them.

Created by Svenchu, and downloadable from Nexus Mods, the mod brings the English voice acting of the original PSP release to Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion. Unfortunately, the first version of the mod contains some bugs, such as the one that completely mutes sounds after a certain event in Chapter 2, so the experience is not perfect, but the moderator confirmed that they are working on these issues, as well as on improvements, such as replacing combat sounds and removing New voice acting so silent scenes from the original script remain the same in the remastered version and more.

This modification now includes:

  • 99% of the sounds of in-game scenes that were previously in the PSP version! (Update: While the voices have been replaced within the MOD, due to a glitch every game after Bananas (Chapter 2) will not have voices)

What else can be done to improve this situation?

  • Replace the Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion FMV voice overs with the original voices.
  • Replace the combat sounds with the original ones. (The .utoc format that comes in is recognized once)

Optional improvements

  • Omit the whole new voice acting, so some scenes like the PSP version will be muted for those who prefer it that way. (soon!)
  • Eliminate the “activate combat mode” sounds. (The .utoc format that comes in is recognized once)

While some may not like the new English voice acting, which I found to be solid overall, some of the other changes in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII – Reunion have been universally praised, particularly the combat tweaks, which finally make for a fun game, as well. I explained in my review.

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With greatly improved visuals and sound, a major combat overhaul that finally makes the game fun to play, and a great ending, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII – Reunion is undoubtedly one of the best Pros released in recent years. While some of the original’s issues weren’t addressed, such as poor story pacing and mediocre writing, that shouldn’t stop any Final Fantasy VII fan from getting the game. The price of freedom is high, but it’s worth paying.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII – Reunion is now available on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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