Fallout 76 grew to 13.5 million players in 2022, up 2.5 million year-over-year

As 2022 draws to a close, Bethesda has shared a recap of everything that happened in Fallout 76. The obligatory graphs reveal that the game has grown exponentially this year, reaching 13.5 million players (up 2.5 million from last year). Beyond that number, here’s an overview of player activity:

  • Acceleration missions completed – 5,019,081
  • Daily operations completed – 9417423
  • acquired score – 204358776288
  • Kill the queen of mustache sweat – 2,133,040
  • Cliff kills – 47585802
  • Caps have been spent in player stores – 48,260,495,834
  • Top 3 non-ammo items purchased from players’ vending machines – Mr. Mysterious symbol, steel scrap, lead scrap
  • 3 most creatures/enemies killed – General Ghoul class, Fuel class, Super mutant class
  • Top 3 Prepared Food/Beverage Items Boiling water, glowing meat steak, minced meat slices
  • NUKA-COLA’S DISPOSABLE – 127,062,214
  • Most popular sentiment – Excellent
  • Blessings given by Mutamin – 1,326,060
  • Total weapons dropped – 2,983,827
  • Favorite area for camping – the forest

When it comes to content additions, Fallout 76 saw alien invaders swarm during the spring event, while gladiator bots battled players in the three new public events added during the “Test Your Metal” summer update. This year’s biggest addition was easily the Expeditions: Pitt expansion, which allowed Fallout 76 players to finally travel beyond Appalachia to Pittsburgh. The update also revamped the Whitespring Resort as the Whitespring Refuge, now a hub where players gather to join in all sorts of activities, ranging from expeditions.

Last but not least, Bethesda Game Studios released the Nuka World Tour update this month. A whole new Carnival has set up shop with many attractions and three special public events. The update also added the largest area boss yet released in Fallout 76, the fearsome Ultracite Titan.

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Of course, the developers have also made several quality of life improvements, such as corpse highlights and local loot. The former improved visibility of a corpse on the ground, while the latter allowed players to loot several downed enemies at once. CAMP builders recently received a nice gift as well, with the addition of free camera controls.

Fallout 76 may have started to falter, but it seems to have leveled off over the years. It’s also likely the only active Fallout game for quite a while since Bethesda finished Starfield and will then begin working on The Elder Scrolls VI. There have been rumors that Obsidian could be working on a Fallout New Vegas sequel, but that too would be years away.

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