Fallen Dynasty shows bloody action and many deaths in 10 minutes of gameplay

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty arrives in just a few short months, and today, we got 10 new minutes of the game courtesy of IGN. It certainly looks like Wo Long will blow the whistle for those looking for another intense roguelike action game on Nioh or Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, as the picks offer plenty of bloody combat against the game’s bizarre array of enemies, including a twisted crocodile boss, and aggressive water nymphs. , angry monkeys, smoldering steam… shrews? Of course, we also see the person playing the game die many times. This is Team Ninja Soulslike – expect no mercy. You can check out the footage for yourself below.

Wo Long doesn’t exactly seem to reinvent the Soulslike genre, but hey, there are a lot of people who don’t want to reinvent it. Want to know more? Check out Wccftech’s latest interview with Team Ninja and key game features:

  • Demons in the kingdom – A dark fantasy set during the chaotic Three Kingdoms period, the narrative vividly tells the story of a militia soldier’s hard-fought fight for survival during the demon-filled Later Han Dynasty. It’s madness in the Three Kingdoms like never before!
  • Awaken the power within – Defeat deadly enemies to boost morale and awaken the power from within! Overcome adversity with unique new strategies, including battle styles based on the “Five Stages”.
  • live by the sword Known for their ruthless strikes that can change the course of a battle in an instant, Chinese martial arts practitioners gracefully change pace as they transition between offensive and defensive maneuvers. Outsmart opponents with a wave of power in a series of intense and bloody battles as you learn the precision and skill needed to become a true sword master.
  • Various gameplay styles with weapons and magic spells
    • Weapons – Choose from a wide range of weapons, from glass to dual swords, to discover what best suits your fighting style.
    • Spell Magic – This secret art relies on the power of the five phases, which allow attacks using elements such as flame and ice. Upon achieving higher levels of morale, you can gain the ability to use more powerful magic spells.
    • Divine Beasts – Divine Beasts like Zhuque and Baihu are created through alliances with other warriors. By summoning these Divine Beasts, you are able to perform feats of great strength.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty hits PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, and PS5 on March 3.

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