Ex-Microsoft Activision Megadeal Treyarch Dev talks planned

Former Treyarch developer Jack Burrows recently spoke about Microsoft’s planned Activision-Blizzard program.

Burroughs, who has worked at Treyarch as a Call of Duty level designer for nearly five years, spoke about the highly controversial planned acquisition during his Kiwi Talkz podcast (thanks to the Comicbook). When asked about the huge deal, the former Call of Duty developer said he and some team members might “sometimes dream” about the merger and how it could affect day-to-day work. According to Burroughs, he wondered if some things might change when it came to development and if the team would get more freedom under Microsoft.

“Yeah, we were daydreaming about the impact that would have on everyday life. We would think about it, we would talk about it like I was wondering if it was going to change or if you knew if this process wasn’t going to be like this anymore, or if we were going to have more The freedom to do anything here and there.”

In short, Burroughs added, the proposed merger hasn’t affected day-to-day work, and Microsoft’s involvement likely won’t change much because of the hugely profitable Call of Duty series.

“I imagine if he had gone all the way Microsoft probably would have respected what Call of Duty does for the most part.

“Because, I mean, Call of Duty prints the money right”

We’ve included the timestamped interview with Jack Burrows below:

Much has been said and written about Microsoft’s planned $69 billion Activision-Blizzard deal. As covered earlier this month, the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) sued Microsoft to block the planned deal, and after the FTC filed suit, a group of gamers sued Microsoft.

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The 10 player group reads: “Microsoft already controls one of the world’s most popular and largest video game ecosystems.” “The proposed acquisition will give Microsoft an unparalleled position in the gaming industry, placing it with the largest number of must-have games and popular franchises.”

We’ll update you as soon as more information emerges about the Microsoft Activision-Blizzard deal.

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