Elden Ring New Mod introduces the loot system inspired by the Diablo series

Released online a few days ago, the new Elden Ring mod promises to spice up the experience of the latest role-playing game by From Software considerably with an overhaul of the loot system inspired by one of the most popular ARPG series of all time.

Downloadable from Nexus Mods, the Diablo Style Loot mod offers a slew of randomized weapons and armor drops, all with random stats, war ash, and special effects, in an effort to replicate the loot system of the Diablo series. All loot comes with its rare value which determines its potency.

All weapons in DSL have a rare value, similar to Diablo itself. Here are all the current rarity values ​​that are possible in the 0.1 beta:

  1. common – 0.9x – 1.2x vanilla weapon damage – 5% probability of multi-type damage – 5% chance of dropping – Blacksmith Stone 1-3
  2. Unfamiliar – 1.1x – 1.3x vanilla weapon damage – 10% probability of multi damage type – 4% chance of dropping – SS1-3
  3. rare – 1.3x – 1.5x vanilla weapon damage – 15% probability of multi damage type – 3% chance of dropping – SS4-6
  4. Dear – 1.55x – 1.65x vanilla weapon damage – 30% chance of multi damage type – 2% chance of dropping – SS4-6
  5. Ancestral – 1.7x – 1.9x vanilla weapon damage – 50% chance of multi damage type – 1% chance of dropping – SS5-7
  6. legendary – 2.1x – 2.3x vanilla weapon damage – 80% probability of multi damage type – 0.7% chance of dropping – SS7-ADSS
  7. legendary – 2.4x – 2.7x vanilla weapon damage – 90% probability of multi damage type – 0.3% chance of dropping – SS7-ADSS
  8. Allah – 2.8x – 3.2x vanilla weapon damage – 100% chance of multiple damage type – 0.1% chance of falling – ADSS

The Elden Ring Diablo Style Loot mod is currently in beta, so there are issues, but it’s undeniable that the changes it brings increase the experience quite a bit, giving gamers another reason to return to Lands Between before the release of the DLC expansions, which have yet to be announced, but It’s likely to come, given how all entries in the Dark Souls series and Bloodborne have received at least one.

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The Elden Ring is available now on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox One worldwide. You can learn more about one of the best games released last year by checking out my review.

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