EARLY ACCESS RTX REMIX COMING SOON; The Omniverse expands with generative AI tools, mixer improvements, and more

During the CES 2023 GeForce Beyond keynote, NVIDIA confirmed that RTX Remix, the free RTX-powered modding platform for classic PC games, will enter early access soon. Moderns have been hacking files from Portal RTX to old PC games and were hoping to get an exact release date today.

However, NVIDIA has shared several announcements for its Omniverse creation platform, which is tightly integrated into RTX Remix. First, Omniverse users can now access thousands of new 3D assets for free, including those in the USD (world scene description) version of the NVIDIA RTX Winter World Minecraft Experience.

Secondly, a full suite of generative AI tools is available to creators.

  • Audio2Face automatically generates realistic facial expressions from an audio file;
  • Audio2Gesture technology allows AI to create realistic upper body movement animations from an audio file;
  • Audio2Emotion enables artificial intelligence to generate realistic emotions, ranging from sadness to happiness, from an audio file.
  • Move.AI’s Omniverse extension allows converting video into animations.
  • Lumirithmic generates a 3D mesh of heads from a face scan.
  • Elevate3D generates realistic 3D product visualizations from 360-degree video recordings.

Moreover, NVIDIA has added a so-called AI ToyBox for experimental tools. This is a group of extensions that includes GET3D, an Omniverse extension that generates trainable 3D models from 2D images, allowing developers to use their datasets to quickly build models of 3D worlds. With the GANverse3D extension, creators can turn a single image of a car into a fully drivable 3D asset rendered with lights, physics, and PBR textures. With the AI ​​Animal Explorer extension, it is possible to create unique 3D animal shapes with the help of generative AI models by mixing and matching a variety of animal parts and then assembling them into a detailed grid.

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Blender Alpha version is now available through the Omniverse launcher platform, allowing users to fix geometry, auto UV build and destroy high-resolution CAD data into multiple more usable numbers. Coming soon to the Omniverse launcher is NVIDIA Canvas, which features new capabilities that allow creating 360-degree landscapes with simple brush strokes and the help of AI. NVIDIA also acquired GIGABYTE and AORUS PCs to be the first in 2023 to launch with the Omniverse launcher pre-installed.

These tools should enable Omniverse creators and RTX Remix modders to unleash their creative potential. NVIDIA has already provided RTX Remix early access to the original creators of the fan-made Portal: Prelude Prelude, which should be updated with RTX features.

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