Dell’s Luna laptops would beat Macbooks in repairability if they ever became a thing

Dell’s Concept Luna laptops aim to bring an accessible, modular approach to consumer laptops, but they’re still a few years away.

Dell is showing off the Luna laptop design concept again, and it would be a huge win for consumer PCs if it ever made it to the mass market

Dell Concept Luna laptops are all about sustainable PC designs, providing the ultimate in reusability and repairability for consumers. Concept Luna was first introduced at CES 2022 and today marks nearly a year since we first heard about it. The following years have been muted but Dell hasn’t given up on Luna yet and wants to make it a reality.

Last year, we talked about how Concept Luna, as a design philosophy, is to take laptops and make them cable-free and more modular, eliminating the use of screws and making the whole disassembly process much less complicated. Modules, PCBs, and various components on laptops can easily be replaced with something new.

Dell laptop-kona-laptop-5-dedicated

It kind of reminds me of Razer’s Christine Project or many of the modular smartphone concepts we’ve seen so far. We’ve seen them all try unsuccessfully, but Dell is hoping they can get their act together in the industry with Luna. There’s a reason it’s still being talked about even a year after its initial introduction.

Dell even showed off an early prototype of the Concept Luna laptop that featured a modular design. We can see an aluminum + plastic clamshell body combined with a built-in main PCB and a semi-helical design that comes with a detachable keyboard, screen and battery. Luna laptops should come with a magnetic connector that locks the various components in place and provides a seamless connection through.

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The following video shows how a laptop based on the Luna design concept can be completely disassembled in less than a minute:

Having this type of design in future laptops will be a huge win over Macbooks & competitors from Apple. While most laptops offer some sort of upgradeability and repairability, it’s not something everyone can do themselves that requires professional help. Apple with Macbooks does not offer any kind of ease in terms of repairability and usability with its products.

The main question remains when will we see Concept Luna work on laptops and as I said earlier, it still seems a long way off. To reuse something, you need hardware modules and PCBs that can support legacy platforms. This requires additional manufacturing and since we are in the concept stage now, we don’t expect such designs to hit the market until the middle of this decade. What will happen is that Dell will eventually move to a more modular and accessible design in its future laptops. The Dell CAMM memory design is just one step in this journey and we can’t wait to see what Dell has next update for us!

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