Death Stranding looks terribly beautiful in VR with the new work-in-progress mode

With its haunting atmosphere, Death Stranding could have worked just as well as a VR game, but the game doesn’t support headsets natively, leaving it up to fans to come up with ways to enjoy Kojima Productions’ first game with a VR headset.

Earlier today, VRified Games shared on their YouTube channel a new video showing a work in progress Death Stranding VR mod. With vorpX, modding is far from perfect, but with some extra work, it can become a great way to spice up your Death Stranding experience.

While Death Stranding works great as a standalone title, it’s only the beginning of the series, as Kojima Productions is working on a sequel. Last week, Hideo Kojima commented on the game, saying that it was rewritten after the pandemic to make it resonate more with players.

It was the same with September 11th. The imagination changes when something of this magnitude happens. When something happens that no one thought possible, previously written works of fiction become less effective as entertainment.

That’s why I’ve completely rewritten DS2 from its themes Also. You can’t pretend something of this magnitude never happened. While the games themselves are based on characters not bound by our reality, the players themselves went through the pandemic, and a story written prior to that experience wouldn’t resonate with them in the same way, whether it was fantasy or science fiction.

Death Stranding is available now on PlayStation 4, while the Director’s Cut is available on PC and PlayStation 5. Learn more about the game by checking out Kai’s review of the PlayStation 5 version.

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