Dead Space Remake’s intensity director can deploy “Psycho Events” to keep tensions high

One of the most unique and promising aspects of the new Dead Space game is the new “Intensity Director” system that has the ability to deliver over 1,200 dynamic events to keep players on their toes. So far, most of the potential events described by Montreal-based developer Motive Studio have been fairly simple — flashing lights, eerie sounds, sudden necromancer attacks — but it looks like there could be some more elaborate scares in store.

In a new IGN First video, Dead Space art director David Robillard says the Intensity director will also be able to introduce “Psycho events.” While he doesn’t elaborate on what those are, characters throughout the Dead Space series suffer from “dementia” and disturbing visions brought on by strange signs that turn people into shapeshifters, so the events of Psychosis are likely a play on that. For longtime horror fans, the spooky random visions will likely bring to mind Eternal Darkness and other classic games with “mind effects,” which can be very effective when used properly.

“[The Intensity Director has] Sound clips, with animations, that have environmental stimuli. So, you’ll have a fan that’ll show up, you’ll have ship squeaks, lights will sparkle, lights will go out, and psychosis will happen. So, that’s it. Everything that happens in [story] It can happen with the density manager and that’s how we manage to make sure the lines are blurred and you’re not really sure what’s written and what’s not.”

This all sounds rather ambitious. It’s one thing to confuse an enemy spawn with a flash of light or two, but to create moments indistinguishable from scripted ones? If the intensity manager can really deliver on that promise, then players really will have something to tire of.

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Dead Space launches on PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PS4 on January 27, 2023.

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