Dead Space Remake Goes Gold, “Intensity Director” has 1,200 events that can scare you

We’ve seen more of the Dead Space remake over the past few weeks, and fortunately, those looking to play in January are completely free, because the game is officially gold. This means that the playable version has been completed and any delays are not likely to occur.

In addition to announcing that Dead Space has gone gold, Montreal-based developer Motive Studio detailed the game’s new “Intensity Director” system. It looks like it will really keep players on their toes, as Dead Space systems designer Dan Kim promises that the system can deliver more than 1,200 dynamic events, from simple lighting changes to surprise attacks.

“[The Intensity Director] It’s a content curation, spawn, and speed control system, and depending on how you count things, the system has over 1,200 unique events, with a huge variety of possible combinations. Various elements, such as sound or lighting changes, fog or steam, enemy spawns – all combine together in layers to create encounters that feel like handcrafted situations.”

However, if you are afraid that things will go a little wrong very Intense, Don’t Worry – According to Senior Developer David Vincent, Intensity Manager is meant to scare you, but it also gives you a break when you need it…

“We monitor how much distress the player goes through while going from room to room. There might be an easy room with a few sounds here and there, but that’s it. But then you might go to another room, and all of a sudden, there’s a slasher spawning from a hole in the wall.” Plus, the lights go out, plus there’s a fog in the environment, and it gets more intense. But then we give the player a break. Because we’re basically tracking the peaks and valleys of tension, to make sure it’s not just cascading high-intensity events. Because that would be emotionally exhausting; it would be Like, “I can’t take this anymore.”

Interestingly, the makers of Dead Space have noted that the Intensity director has kept the game scary, even for them. This directly contradicts the comments of Callisto Protocol director (and Dead Space co-creator) Glen Schofield, who admitted he’s often unsure if his games are scary by the time he’s done making them.

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Dead Space launches on PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PS4 on January 27, 2023.

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