CPU Die & LPDDR5X in the same package, 38% size reduction

ASUS and Intel have teamed up to introduce a new chipset for laptops known as the Supernova SoM that combines the latest Intel CPU and LPDDR5X memory in the same package.

ASUS ZenBook Pro laptops featuring the Supernova SoM: Combines Intel CPU cores and LPDDR5X memory in the same package

Announced today with the ASUS ZenBook Pro 16X laptop, the Supernova SoM “System on Module” design takes the latest 13th Gen Intel CPU and combines LPDDR5X memory on the same interposer for a complete package that not only offers a reduction in PCB space but It also allows for a simpler (z-height reduction) and stronger design.

This design methodology allowed ASUS to optimize the power, ground, and data layers to perfectly match the motherboard’s layout and architecture. With this, ASUS has enabled up to 155W of integrated CPU and GPU power in the same chassis size while reducing the motherboard (PCB) area by 38% (50 x 60mm vs 44.7 x 42mm). This new SOC package not only helps reduce motherboard footprint, but also enables better cooling designs and pushes the GPU to new heights, allowing for faster graphics performance. This also allows for a TGP increase of 15% compared to previous generic designs.

Having LPDDR5X memory next to the CPU also allows for higher clock speeds, which increases CPU and GPU performance. To top it all off, ASUS benefits from TIM liquid cooling beneath a custom 3D vapor chamber cooling system that delivers exceptional cooling inside a ridiculously small chassis.

The use of TIM liquid metal reduces the operating temperature by 7 degrees Celsius. Besides the internal design, the ASUS ZenBook Pro X16 OLED laptop is loaded with a host of technologies including 13th Gen Intel processors, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 mobile GPUs with Studio-class drivers, and a design designed for content creators.

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ASUS will announce the availability and pricing of ZenBook Pro series laptops soon.

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