Chocobo GP discontinues content updates after Season 5; Store purchases will stop by January 6th

Oh, look, another Square Enix live-service project that’s going to be biting the dust. Live service titles meeting their demise are something that tends to happen. But today, we have to look at another game that Square Enix tried to push but eventually hit a wall: Chocobo GP.

A continuation of the mini-series on the original PlayStation, Chocobo GP was supposed to be a racer similar to games like Mario Kart, except your list was filled with Black Mage, Cloud Strife, and Squall Leonhart, to name a few. It launched on January 12 as a Nintendo Switch and mobile title.

The demise of this game does not come even a year after its release. In a post on Square Enix’s European support channels yesterday, the development team indicated that the game will stop content updates after Season 5 ends (yesterday’s update will be the last). Players can no longer purchase in-game currency as of this patch, but currently owned Mythril will not be removed from accounts… yet.

No, it will happen when the game store is completely canceled on January 6, 2023. In addition, refunds cannot be processed for the game, so the money you spent on this game will, unfortunately, be final. It’s really baffling how earlier this year Square Enix tried to kick off a new live-action project (The First Soldier), only for four Live services (Chocobo GP, The First Soldier, Babylon’s Fall, and Final Fantasy Record Keeper’s GL server) stop functionality.

Although slightly humorous, Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia along with Square’s flagship live-service titles like Brave Exvius are completely unaffected throughout Square’s shutdowns this year. We will continue to update as more information about Chocobo GP is released. Chocobo GP is available to play on Nintendo Switch and mobile phones.

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