Bungie is working on several unannounced projects with Sony

Bungie Chief Design Officer and Creative Lead Tom Farnsworth chirp An image celebrating the various Destiny releases that the Bellevue, Washington-based game developer has made since it turned into the Destiny IP. In a follow-up tweet, he passed on an interesting piece of information: Bungie is working on several unannounced projects with Sony’s help.

This shield is what it looked like 11 years ago at Bungie. Each Medal represents one of the over 25 Destiny editions we’ve shipped to millions of players. During that time, we’ve completely changed the way we develop games and do business, moving from strictly packaged products to live service games.

With Sony’s support, we’re also working on a number of unannounced projects. Come join us!

As you surely know, Sony acquired Bungie last year in a massive $3.6 billion deal. The acquisition was announced in late January (shortly after Microsoft announced its plan to acquire Activision Blizzard) and was officially finalized by mid-July, according to Sony. The studio will remain multi-platform.

The two companies have publicly discussed the rationale behind the deal. Sony wanted a developer with strong experience in live-service games, given its plan to grow in this segment of the gaming market, while Bungie had long planned to expand its IPs (mainly Destiny) onto other media such as film and TV and could not find a better partner than Sony.

Bungie has also had plans to create new IPs and games for several years. In June 2018, the company received a $100 million investment from NetEase to build another team that could develop games in parallel with Destiny’s existing commitments. The following year, Bungie CEO Pete Parsons said that the company plans to release the new IP by 2025.

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We don’t know much about it except that it might be called Matter (after a trademark registered a few years ago). In early 2020, Bungie was employing its new IP and job description hinted at in-game including fun and eccentric characters, which changed from the usual undertones of their titles. A little over two months ago, we also learned that Marathon could potentially be revived as a shooter, although it’s only a rumor at the moment.

What do you want to see from Bungie and Sony?

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