Battlefield 2042’s big event “Battle of Nordvik” introduces 3 new holiday modes

Battlefield 2042 recently kicked off Season 3, and over the holidays, EA and developer DICE are giving players a reason to binge on new content with the big “Battle of Nordvik” event. The event will take place over several weeks, telling a simple story of sorts through a series of limited-time modes played on the new Swedish Spearhead map. Of course, there will also be a bunch of new cosmetics, some free, some earned through gameplay, and some paid. You can watch a trailer for the Battle of Nordvik event below.

Here’s what you can expect from the new limited-time Battle of Nordvik modes…

Week 1 / Noordwijk Assault – Conquest Attack

The infamous Black Storm Regiment leads the assault on Noordwijk. As the Eastern Militia attempt to take over the surrounding area, the Noordvik Control Corps fights to secure the area, stopping Black Storm’s advance before it’s too late.

This is a 32v32 Conquest Assault with a focus on fast-paced ground-only warfare. The struggle begins with the defending team holding all targets and waiting for the next attack. Throughout the fight, the stakes remain high for the Defenders as you will find your HQ disabled. Rely on your team and the EBLC-Ram team inclusion beacon to stay in the fight and preserve objectives at any cost. If you lose all the goals and your entire team is out of play… the game is over.”

Week 2 / Noordwijk Defense – Retribution

The opposing forces have shattered Noordwijk’s defenses and have taken control of the facility. It is now up to the Nordvik Control Corps to strike back. As Black Storm struggles to hold the line, Nordvik Control Corps infiltrates the facility to destroy M-COMs containing high-value data before they can be compromised by enemy hands. “

Get ready for the retribution. A 16v16 twist in Conquest that combines the elements of Conquest, Breakthrough, and Rush into one mode as Raiders fight their way to the front lines while securing objectives along the way. Team play is the key to success towards victory. If you make it through enemy lines toward the final objective, the match will devolve into an all-out rush as you try to weaponize the M-COMs strategically placed around the Nordvik facility.

As a Defender, you will plan your defense carefully to maintain control of the facility at all costs. The enemy is coming at you with everything they’ve got for this final attack, and it’s up to you to hold them back so you can safely extract the valuable data.”

Week 3 / Noordwijk Liberation – Chaos Breakthrough

Noordwijk Control receives assistance from American reinforcements and organizes a larger counterattack. Black Storm and Eastern forces mount a fierce defense as Nordvik Control Corps leads the charge to liberate Nordvik from its occupiers.

This is the final battle where breaking through to complete chaos will decide the conflict. This week, the game has been expanded to a new level of intensity and supports up to 128 players while you give it your all. Fight your way through the Battlefield as a tight unit with modifiers like increased movement speed, faster respawn times, and faster vehicle summons.”


As mentioned, the Battle of Noordwijk will offer a host of cosmetics, including…

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Week 1 – Assault on Noordwijk

Play rewards

  • 5 STRIPES – Sundance’s “Raider” epic headers
  • 12 Bars – The MP9’s epic “revelation” weapon look
  • 20 Ribbons – Casper’s epic “Death” costume

Free store items

  • A rare “vigilante” costume for Crawford
  • Crawford’s epic “Bastion” headgear

Epic Twilight Strike Store Pack – 2400 Battlefield Coins

  • Pestilence outfit for Falk
  • Macai’s “War” costume
  • “Famine” costume for Lis
  • The appearance of the “Doomsday” weapon for the BSV-M
  • The appearance of the “Catastrophe” weapon for the PBX-45
  • The appearance of the “chromite” weapon of the AC-42
  • “Pale Horse” car cover for the M1A5

Week 2 – Noordwijk Defense

Play rewards

  • 5 STRIPES – Falck’s “Bastion” epic headers
  • 12 STRIPES – Rare costume for “Marauder” Mackay
  • 20 stripes – the epic costume “The Watcher” of the Irish

Free store items

  • A rare “Marauder” costume for Falk
  • Epic “Raider” headgear for Falk

Epic Nordvik Gunner Store Pack – 1400 Battlefield Coins

  • Sundance’s “Archangel” costume
  • “Fortress” costume for Boris
  • Skin of the “airbrush” weapon for the VCAR
  • The appearance of the “incendiary” weapon for the PBX-45
  • The appearance of the “fuse tip” weapon for the SWS-10

Week 3 – Noordwijk Editing

Play rewards

  • 5 Ribbons – Rare Angel “Guardian” costume
  • 12 Bars – Epic “Hell Fire” weapon skin for the MCS-880
  • 20 Strips – “Thermal” Epic Car Wrap

Free store content

  • A rare “guardian” outfit for Casper
  • Casper’s epic “Bastion” headgear

Battlefield 2042 can be played on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4 and PS5. The Battle of Nordvik event runs from December 20th to January 10th.

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