Battlefield 1942 is the latest game to be modified with Portal’s RTX remix

Do you have nostalgia for Battlefield 1942 despite the Battlefield 2042 portal mode? Do you wish you could have a modern day remake or remake? In that case, here’s a preview of what that might look like.

Reddit user TheBause managed to hack an RTX Remix from Portal RTX into Battlefield 1942 with interesting results. The first user attempt showed huge improvements in lighting thanks to the ray tracing projector but it also came with the usual problem of overly reflective material. However, fellow Reddit user Happysufigeee suggested adjusting the Roughness bias from the default value to something between 0.6 and 0.9, and this simple tweak basically fixed that problem.

As you can see below, Battlefield 1942 powered by RTX Remix looks pretty good, even through this hacked version.

As we mentioned in our previous posts, RTX Remix has not yet been officially released by NVIDIA, so modders have resorted to simply dropping the relevant Portal RTX files into the binaries folders of their favorite classic PC games, like Battlefield 1942. This comes with pretty obvious limitations. What, though, is the inability to use the AI ​​texture refactoring tool that NVIDIA touted when RTX Remix was first revealed.

AI Super Resolution increases the resolution of extracted textures by up to 4X, converting 1080p-class textures into high-quality 4K assets. AI Physically Based Materials scans the game environment to add PBR properties to all extracted assets.

GeForce had hinted at an RTX Remix beta before the end of the year, but with 2022 quickly drawing to a close, there’s been no official word. However, NVIDIA could very well be preparing to announce at CES two weeks from now.

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The Blackout scene is absolutely filled with expectations, that’s for sure. Check out our interview with Skyblivion’s lead developer Rebelzize for an interesting and in-depth take on RTX Remix from an experienced modder.

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