AYANEO 2 will break new ground for mobile game consoles, powered by AMD Ryzen 7 6800U

AYANEO hosted a live broadcast, showcasing the new AYANEO 2 portable game console that starts shipping today. The CEO and team members handed out the first few mobile devices to the waiting players during the live show. AYANEO 2 is set to be a formidable competitor in the mobile market, putting the company in the eye of the Steam Deck, Nintendo Switch, and other competitors with cutting-edge technology under the hood.

AYANEO 2 revolutionizes handheld gaming with a powerful presentation this holiday season

The AYANEO 2 bid confirmed much of what was reported earlier this year and many of the promises made in the company’s IndieGoGo campaign. There is an AMD Ryzen 7 6800U inside the system and is powered by integrated AMD Radeon 680M graphics. The chip is built on 6nm process technology with eight cores across 16 threads and a boost clock frequency of 4.7GHz.

TDP ranges from 15 to 32 watts depending on use. With the amount of heat from the processor, AYANEO has developed an optimized cooling method that the user can optimize. The super powerful fan uses 32 to 35 watts and is said to run quietly for the users. The battery is a first for Windows portable gaming systems, with a battery capacity of 50.25Wh. The AYANEO 2 weighs in at 6.56g per stream today, down from the 6.80g the company initially reported.

Image source: AYANEO.

AYANEO 2 also supports external GPUs via an external GPU dock, which supports USB 4.0 interface. There is also a TF card interface at the bottom of the system, which maintains read speeds of up to 300M/s. Dual microphones are located on the bottom of the system for stereo audio, and an audio jack for wired headphones. Support for Bluetooth 5.2 is available for users wanting to use a wireless headset or controller, and the company is working with 8BitDo to create a variation on the popular SN30 Pro controller. Wi-Fi 6 is also available on the system for transfer speeds of 9.6Gbps.

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Image source: AYANEO.

The system supports dual-sided PCIe 4.0 M.2 2280 SSD, with up to 8TB of storage, and supports LPDDR5-6400Mbps RAM, which is said to be 116% more efficient than previous AYANEO models.

The new AYANEO 2 Portable offers a frameless glass screen design and no visible screws to be placed on the system. The grip of the device is soft and smooth, which the company describes as a “baby sleep position grip.” Watching this morning’s broadcast, the company showed an infant in a mother’s womb with a calming appearance, which is what the team was going for in its design. The system also offers RGB lighting effects to enhance the look of the AYANEO 2 system. There’s also an S3 fingerprint sensor on the top of the system for quick wake-up times, and it allows for multiple users and accounts, meaning the whole family can play on their own profiles.

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AYANEO offers users the system’s “MASTER Controller” design, providing control joystick free zones on both sides of the system, and Hall magnetic sensing technology, allowing great depth of motion for the joysticks and triggers. Users will be able to adjust trigger sensitivity, joystick sensitivity, and vibration via the settings on the AYANEO 2 system. Hall magnetic triggers use electromagnetic induction technology to be more precise and accurate for gamers. Compression accuracy measured at 0.09mm, while sharp stroke is 7.5mm.

The company checked the system’s controls and challenged its use against the Xbox Elite 2, Sony PS5, Nintendo Switch Pro and Razer controllers via the Gamepad Tester website. The company found that the joysticks of competitors’ consoles delivered varying results each time, while the AYANEO 2 delivered the same results in every test with fewer errors than the others. In the Origin Deadzone test, the company compared its controls to Xbox Elite 2 and Sony PS5 controllers, providing no dead zone and superior sensitivity for any operations. Finally, in the cycling test, AYANEO offers an average error of 0.05% compared to the competition.

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Within the system, the AYANEO 2 uses a dual somatosensory assisted gyroscope with the goal of offering better handling during gaming sessions. Trigger buttons provide a “button burst function”, a variation on the “turbo” function seen on consoles. This button burst function allows users to fire from semi-auto to full auto shooting in first-person shooters and other games as and when needed or needed. Vibration is aided by the high-fidelity linear motor inside the device that reacts to sound and gameplay, the same one found in the Nintendo Switch.

The vibration engine is a first for Windows mobile gaming devices, and the sound vibration function is called SoundTAPMagic. The A and B buttons and the X and Y buttons can be configured to switch for comfortable users with different layouts. The RC and LC buttons can be short or long pressed to offer other functions, and the equal sign button can launch specific game menus, providing five different configurations. In energy efficiency, AYANEO 2 offers a standby mode without power, allowing users not to lose track of what they were doing on the system at the moment.

It doesn’t stop there. AYANEO has provided users with a wealth of software applications to give all gamers an edge against the competition while also helping users improve and finalize their games and experiences.

AYANEO 2 uses an in-house software ecosystem called AYANEO Space. This new user interface can be controlled via the AYANEO 2, and the company has also added a phone app to go along with the system. The phone can also double as a touch control and an external keyboard for faster typing and virtual mouse controls.

AYANEO offers users the “Configuration File” function, which allows users to access their game and hardware on the PC system, optimizing the game for users with a specific configuration for each individual that can be shared on the web and used by other users. The company tested this new functionality against more than 400 games prior to launch.

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Other added applications include a metadata editor, an RTSS Handheld Optimized version, a Steam++ Accelerator for connectivity to Steam OS, AI translation and game captions, a strategy window overlay that will allow users to save to crucial points in a game and pull up walkthroughs for their favorite titles, and FPS Thunder to improve the performance of each game and system. The operating system was initially founded on Linux but has been rebuilt from the ground up to offer a more optimized experience to the users. The exclusive compiler, strategy overlay, and FPS Thunder software can be used for three months and will be provided for a fee thereafter (price unknown at time of writing).


The company also offers limited edition models that are not part of the main line consisting of black and white colors. AYANEO partners with B.Duck to bring personality to the overall look of the system, with keycaps to cover over existing joysticks. Another exclusive release is a “Retro Power” colorway, similar to the hardware colors of the original Nintendo Gameboy system. It added a dark gray joystick and directional pad to differentiate itself from the Nintendo handheld.

On the Indiegogo page, there are still several options available:

  • AYANEO 2 6800U + 16G + 512G, $1,005
  • AYANEO 2 (B. Duck variant) 6800U + 16G + 1T, $1055
  • AYANEO 2 6800U + 16G + 1T, $1,105
  • AYANEO 2 (Alternative B. Duck) 6800U + 32G + 2T, $1,285
  • AYANEO 2 6800U + 32G + 2T, $1,306
  • AYANEO 2 (retro power variant) 6800U + 32G + 2T, $1,356
Image source: AYANEO.

The new AYANEO GEEK was not on stream today from the company and is expected to be a separate stream soon, possibly in mid-to-late December, with the system shipping in mid-January of 2023.

News sources: AYANEO on YouTube, AYANEO on Indiegogo

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