Assassin’s Creed Valhalla 1.6.2 update has been released early

It was initially planned for a December 6 releaseThe tenthAssassin’s Creed Valhalla 1.6.2 update has now been released.

As said, this new major update was rolled out a week earlier than expected. On PC, the update comes in at 13.19GB, while PlayStation players will have to download 1.82GB on PlayStation 5 and 1.46GB on PlayStation 4. Meanwhile, those on Xbox experience an even larger download – 15.1GB on Xbox Series X | S, and 13GB on Xbox One.

The major update adds the “Final Chapter” as a free update to the game’s content. This chapter is the narrative conclusion to the game’s story. “Eivor’s alliances have been formed and her clan has a foothold in England, and now it’s time to come to terms with her vision of Odin,” the description reads. Join Eivor on her final journey as she meets old friends and foes in the narrative finale of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Additionally, this new patch gives players a new cosmetic option in the form of the ability to switch the cover to be always on. This is a cosmetic option only and does not affect detection or stealth. Below we have included a list of bug fixes and improvements that are included in this update.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla 1.6.2 Release Notes

Improvements and bug fixes

Fall Cemeteries


  • The damage animation does not activate when walking the spiked columns.
  • Eivor will remain in the hold when pushing the stone onto the descending platforms.

The forgotten epic


  • Abilities cannot be activated during other combat actions.
  • The quest “Gift from the Otherworld” remains after completing The Forgotten Saga.
  • Ivor gets stuck under Nidhogg when he stuns the dragon

Dexterity challenge


  • Hildiran’s health bar does not match the actual health total.
  • In some rare cases, encountering a crash during a cutscene with Hildiran can cause him to lose gear and interrupt some mission flows.
  • The explosive jars were already detonated before Dunwic: Trial of the Wolf started.
  • Unable to progress in Challenge of the Gods after the first scene.
  • Hitting enemies with the ability to dash and hit will not die or award points.

Dawn of Ragnarok


  • During the quest Find Fritjof, Tyra will not move within the foundry area.
  • Cases where Odin crashes when loading in Svartalfheim
  • Unintended behavior occurs when reloading the game after purchasing Kara runes.
  • After fighting Riker, Jotnar’s Bearded Ax is not granted.
  • Outriders in Suttungr do not appear on the map.
  • While searching for the Scholar and the Solar Stone, walking over lava does not charge the stone as intended.
  • While searching for the “Seeker and the Solar Stone”, Einar stops moving.
  • Daily Quests can sometimes mark a friendly Jotun NPC as a target for assassination.

Cross stories


  • The cargo rack cannot be moved in the caves of gold.

River raids


  • St. George’s legacy can be seen beyond the river raids.
  • Jomsviking crew members will run towards locked doors during raids.
  • In some cases, the Jomsviking crew’s health will decrease when a new location is discovered.

Siege of Paris


  • In some rare cases, players will not be able to leave for Francia after speaking with Pierre.
  • During the “Hidden Weakness” mission, Bernard can get stuck in a loop that prevents mission progress.
  • Unable to talk to Toka at the beginning of the quest “Strangers with Gifts”



  • The death of Azar in England and the prevention of the completion of the “Dublin Arrival”
  • When wrestled by an Irish Terrier, Ivor can get caught in the animation.
  • Man’s Best Friend ability is not unlocked after completing the “Small Trouble” mission

Valhalla Creation Killer

Main Quests, World Events, and Side Activities


  • Ivor’s head blocks the camera during Eurvicscire’s Flying event.
  • The quest “Bound to Fate” has not been added to the quest log after completing the Jotunheim Arc.
  • Crashing issues can be encountered on PS5 during the “Restless Dreams” and “Beyond Fear” missions.
  • The “Twist and Turns” mission is not updated after defeating all enemies.
  • In some cases, the “Firing the Arrow” mission cannot be started. After building Valka’s hut, the target is not marked as completed.
  • While fighting Basim, abilities that deal damage over time will simplify his first stage.
  • Unable to kill Bishop Harveth during “A Sword-Shower in Anecastre”
  • Cannot interact with Loki in the “View above all” mission
  • The “Stoneman” puzzle is not marked as complete when completed.
  • The mission “A Mild Hunt” cannot be completed because NPCs are not interactable.



  • Everold Store disappears after being built.
  • Rocks can be seen perched in the mountainous region of Furenberg.
  • Riding a mountain around Ravensthorpe can result in slow loading in places.
  • The murder against the fanatic Kalin can’t be confirmed as cut down on the map.
  • In the mission “Break Teeth, Not Hearts”, puzzle NPCs spawn all in the dead.
  • The Daughters of Lerion boss area leaving notice can appear when visiting areas after defeating the boss.
  • It is not possible to kill Leofgifu because she is stuck in a hut.
  • When loading into the game, it is always raining.
  • In some cases it is not possible to move the shelves to obtain the key at Saint Hadrian’s Priory in Cent.

Armor and inventory


  • Corrected the critical chance of 10% per kill for Gorugiri Short Sword.
  • Yurei Bushido’s damage buff does not activate when weapons are ignited.
  • Items purchased in the Helix store can disappear from inventory.
  • The Amalgam Sword perk is activated incorrectly in some circumstances.
  • Yurei Bushido’s shield (Ghostly) feature doesn’t work as intended.
  • Dwarven hairstyles and beards are replicated in stock.
  • Scythe light attacks can sometimes break the shield bearer guard’s stances.
  • Light-Fingered doesn’t work on some lootable items.



  • After using the picture mode, the pause menu will not work as intended.
  • Some of Ravensthorpe’s taller NPCs have shrunk in size.
  • The Celtic armor is missing visuals.
  • Unintended behavior occurs when sending is performed on some weapons.
  • Unequipped shop items still appear on a mannequin after saving or loading.
  • Finisher’s animations don’t always play out to stunned enemies.
  • Using a ration while interacting with an animated object causes an unintended animation.
  • NPC sizes can change when performing certain tasks and actions.
  • Idunn’s Heart effect appears while inactive on the Dublin Champion gear set.
  • The erratic behavior occurs when the alternate combo ender is used with the hammer and the off-hand freestyle.
  • Additional stability improvements have been added to Valhalla.
  • Using the “Rush and Bash” ability in some battles may prevent interaction with the NPC afterwards.
  • After hitting enemies with a wall, the follow-up attack of Rush and Bash level 2 does not trigger.

User Interface/HUD


  • Changing tabs in Blacksmith quickly causes unintended behavior with the menu view.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is now available globally for Xbox Series X \ S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PC and Stadia.

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