Apple’s self-service repair program has been launched in Europe

Today, Apple saw fit to expand its self-service repair program in Europe. Now, users in France, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Italy, Spain, Sweden and the UK can purchase genuine Apple parts with repair guides. Scroll down to read more details on this topic.

Apple expands its self-service repair program in Europe

If you’re interested in checking it out for yourself, repairs can be purchased at Apple’s self-service repair store. According to Apple, customers can complete their own repairs for common malfunctions of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series and MacBooks with Apple Silicon.

Customers looking to repair their compatible Apple device with tools first need to check out the repair guide along with the specific repair on the Apple Support website. You will then be able to order compatible tools from a self-service repair shop. Apple states that all tools undergo “extensive testing to ensure the highest levels of quality, security, and reliability.”

Apple Self Service Repair in Europe

Once you place an order, Apple will send the tools required to perform the repairs. Note that the kit will be available for a week after which it must be returned to Apple for free. The rental service offered by Apple puts users in control of their device when it comes to repairs.

The self-service repair program is part of Apple’s attempts to give users more flexibility in repairing a device. However, Apple highlights that the vast majority of customers still prefer professional repairs from the Apple Store. This ensures reliability and the safety measures taken by professionals to keep the device and internal parts safe. We will share more details about it as soon as more details become available. Are you looking to take advantage of the program? Let us know in the comments.

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