Apple will now allow third-party store replacements in Europe as per the EU mandate

Apple and iOS are notorious for being completely closed off from other app stores. For more than a decade, the only place you could download apps would be from the App Store (relatively speaking, Samsung phones have access to the Samsung Storefront and Google Play, respectively). Today, though, that seems to be changing.

Due to regulatory changes in the European Union, Apple has begun work on a project that “allows alternative app stores” on iPhones and iPads. This breaks the 15-year tradition that iOS products had and can launch as early as iOS 17 when it is released next year. but, in this timeThis feature will only be available in the European Union (and its affiliated countries).

It’s interesting to note that this is a kind of waterfall effect from the Epic v. Apple lawsuits that took up much of 2020 and 2021. If you remember, Apple went and removed Fortnite from the store after Epic gave players the option to pay developers directly, which circumvented the rules set on the App Store (30% cut of revenue generated) .

This lawsuit ended up in Fortnite still being removed from iOS devices to this day. However, both companies lost greatly in a very public debacle. Well, at least until Epic Games found a workaround. In fact, the lesser of two evils (being epic) has triumphed in the long run, as Apple makes changes to its 15-year tradition; A great case of “The worst person you know made a great point” (in this case, a company).

Anyway, back to the implications of the iOS changes. Reportedly, Apple is considering maintaining some security requirements even for things outside its store. One of these methods requires verification in some way, which is an avenue that Apple could invest in. This story is currently still in development, and we will provide updates as they become available.

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