Apple Watch Ultra’s Siren loses to $4 whistle in ‘loudness’ range test, making it less reliable in an emergency

Apple Watch Ultra is equipped with an 86-decibel siren that can alert people nearby to your location if there is an emergency. To activate it, the wearer can press the action button or the side button to bring up a prompt. According to Apple, the Siren has a range of up to 600 feet, or 0.11 miles (0.177 kilometers). Unfortunately, it’s disappointing to see a premium device like this lose to something as inexpensive as the $4 whistle in our range test.

The $4 whistle achieves more than twice the bass range as the Apple Watch Ultra in a unique test

Giving away the Apple Watch Ultra to some professional outdoor adventurers, The Verge decided to see how useful the wearable could be in tough situations. In a previous teardown, it was revealed that the smartwatch features a large 542mAh battery, which means that compared to other Apple Watch models, it will last significantly longer, making it an ideal companion in case of an emergency where you need to use Siren to call for help. .

Range comparison between the Apple Watch Ultra Siren and the $4 Whistle

However, what happens when the people who are able to provide the needed help are far away and cannot hear the high-pitched sounds? That’s when the $4 whistle is your savior, and by comparison, has a range of more than twice that of the Apple Watch Ultra’s Siren. Testing shows that the siren’s range cannot be heard at 650 feet, but the $4 whistle can be heard faintly at a whopping 1325 feet.

Range comparison between the Apple Watch Ultra Siren and the $4 Whistle

You also have to keep in mind that with GPS enabled, the Apple Watch Ultra isn’t rated for days, as the company claims that depending on your usage, it can last up to 36 hours. On the other hand, a $4 whistle can last for years, so while there are other features to look forward to on the wearable, in an emergency it’s important to carry both items around at all times.

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Despite this limitation, the Apple Watch Ultra remains an impressive piece of engineering, with Roundup praising multiple aspects of the device, although they mention that the 49mm face may be difficult for the majority of buyers to grasp thanks to its larger size. Regardless, if you’re out in the wilderness, you’d better take an Apple Watch Ultra plus a $4 whistle handy.

News source: The Verge

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