Apple TV could soon be coming to a wide range of Android devices

Apple TV is one of the most popular streaming services that are not currently available on other devices. Sure, it’s available on Android TV, but if you look at other Android devices, that’s not the case. However, that may soon change as the company appears to be working on launching the streaming service on a wide range of Android devices, including tablets alongside smartphones.

Apple TV for Android is currently in the works, and Apple Music is also getting an update for Android

If this happens, Apple TV will expand a lot more than it did at the time of writing. However, I would suggest that you take this with a pinch of salt as it is still quite popular at the time of writing.

Based on a tweet from shrimpApple is currently working on a version of the Apple TV that will be released on Android devices.

The source also confirms that Apple Music will also be updated, so you should also look into that. Perhaps the most exciting thing here is that the source named the Apple TV service for Android and mentioned how it would be different from Apple’s default service. The real question is that we still don’t know how it will be different.

Unfortunately, information is currently sparse, so we can’t confirm more details on Apple TV for Android, but it looks like the service may be coming to Android devices soon. It also makes sense, because Apple, being a company, wants more people using its services. Given that the streaming service has some great shows and movies, I don’t understand why having such a service on more devices would hurt Apple.

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Do you think the new streaming service on Android would be a good addition? Let us know what your thoughts are.

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