Apple plans to allow alternative app stores and sideloading on the iPhone in Europe

Apple does not allow users to ignore apps on iPhones. However, the company plans to make major changes to the App Store on the iPhone. According to the latest, Apple’s software engineers are working on a project that will allow the iPhone to “allow alternative app stores”. The changelog is expected to arrive next year with the release of iOS 17. Scroll down to read more details about it.

Apple is working internally to allow sideloading and alternative app stores on the iPhone

The latest Bloomberg report claims that Apple will allow users to sideload apps on iPhone and iPad for the first time. The company drives change by allocating “a significant amount of resources to company-wide endeavors.” People familiar with the matter who spoke to Bloomberg describe the changes as “a major push to open up key elements of the Apple platform.”

The report goes on to explain how users will be able to download third-party apps on iPhone and iPad outside of the App Store. While changes are expected with the release of iOS 17, some employees are not happy with sideloading apps on the iPhone and see Apple’s decision as a “distraction from the usual day-to-day development of future features.”

Apple applies a significant amount of resources to company-wide efforts. It wasn’t a popular initiative within Apple, considering the company had spent years deploring the need for “sideloading” — the process of installing software without using the official App Store. Lobbying against the new European laws, Apple has argued that sideloading can put unsafe apps on consumers’ devices and undermine privacy.

Some of the engineers working on the plan see it as a distraction from the usual day-to-day development of future features, according to People. The company aims to have the changes ready as part of an update to iOS 17 next year, which will be in line with the requirements.

The endeavor is being led by Apple’s vice president of software engineering, Andreas Windaker, who reports directly to Craig Federighi. In addition, the Apple Services team is also part of the project and Apple’s Jeff Robbins is reporting to Eddy Cue in this regard. The company is also considering the idea of ​​”imposing certain security requirements even if the software is distributed outside its store”. Third party apps or side apps must first be verified by Apple and the company will charge the developers.

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AltStore – Alternative App Store for iPhone

At this point, it is not yet clear if the company plans to go ahead with its plans. From now on, make sure you take the news with a grain of salt. That’s it guys. We’ll keep you updated with all the latest news, so be sure to stay tuned. Also, share your opinions with us in the comments.

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