Apple M2 Max 12-Core CPU benchmarks show up to 10% single-thread and 20% multi-thread performance jump vs. M1 Max

The latest benchmarks have been leaked for Apple’s upcoming 12-core M2 Max CPU and show up to 20% improvement over the M1 Max.

Apple M2 Max 12-Core CPU shows up to 20% performance jump over M1 Max in leak benchmarks

The Apple M2 Max CPU will target the next generation of Macbooks and deliver greater performance per core and performance per watt than the existing M1 Max chips. CPUs targeting the high-end space will not be the best in Apple’s lineup because that niche will still be held by Apple’s M2 Ultra CPUs launching later in 2023.

In terms of specs, the Apple M2 Max CPU will offer a total of 12 cores, an increase of 2 cores versus the M1 Max which maxed out at 10 cores. We can’t say for sure what the base configuration will be for performance and efficiency yet. The CPU operates at a base frequency of 3.54 GHz and is equipped with 4MB of L2 cache. There was also 96GB of onboard memory on this particular Mac. As for maximum clock speeds, the chip peaked at around 3.7GHz as reported by the Geekbench log (here).

Apple M2 Max CPU benchmarks have been leaked and show up to 20% performance boost over the M1 Max. (Image credits: Benchleaks)

When it comes to performance, the Apple M2 Max CPU scored 1,889 points in the single-core and 14,586 points in the multi-core tests. For comparison, the Apple M1 Max scored about 1,750 points in single-core and 12,200 points in multi-core tests. This gives us up to 10% single-threading and 20% increase in multi-threading performance compared to the previous generation CPU which is a nice gain. Obviously, this early leak means there’s still room for improvement and we could see some percentage increases in final benchmarks as we get closer to launch.

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When compared to some modern CPUs like Intel’s Core i9-13900K ‘Raptor Lake’ and AMD’s Ryzen 7000 ‘Zen 4’, the Apple M2 Max is crushed in single digits and multithreading since desktop CPUs offer over 2,000 cores in a single core. Points and more than 20,000 points in multi-threaded benchmarks. Apple will likely brag about its efficiency numbers against these chips while the M2 Ultra will try to get as close as possible to modern x86 parts.

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