Apple is working on a new Touchsceen MacBook Pro, expected to be released in 2025

Apple is just as resistant to touchscreens on the MacBook as it is to the stylus on the iPhone. However, the company is now looking to expand its approach and do what it should have been doing years ago. Almost all Windows laptops have a touch screen that gives users another way to interact with the system. According to the latest, Apple will release touch screen MacBook Pro in 2025.

Apple will release a touchscreen MacBook Pro in 2025, and could expand the technology to additional Macs

In a new report, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman claims that Apple is working on a new touchscreen MacBook Pro model. The analyst also suggests that the device will see the light of day in 2025. As previously mentioned, Apple has been reluctant to integrate touch capabilities with macOS, fighting that the software experience for users would be “humanly terrible.”

The touch screen on a Mac is going to be vital on various fronts when it comes to user experience. The average user will need it for smooth navigation through web pages, opening applications with a single click, enlarging images, and much more. Apart from this, the creators can also make use of the technology for editing purposes. As Apple gradually standardizes the software experience on multiple platforms, it makes sense for the company to integrate similar input methods for seamless operations.

The 13.6-inch MacBook Air from Apple

Currently, Apple allows developers to port their apps to Macs. With the new custom silicon, iPhone apps can now run on Macs, too. Going forward, the touch screen on the MacBook Pro could be a significant upgrade given the future of Apple’s software. Gurman also states that the touchscreen’s capabilities can extend to additional Macs as well, beyond the MacBook Pro.

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Last week, Gurman claimed that the OLED MacBook Pro could be the first model to feature touchscreen capabilities. The company is “actively participating in the project” and we could see the first device by 2025. Note that this is just speculation at this point and the final word rests with Apple. We’ll keep you updated with all the latest news, so be sure to stay tuned. Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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