Apple currently has no plans to reintroduce the iPhone 15 mini in 2023

Apple did not release the iPhone 14 mini this year, replacing it with a larger iPhone 14 Plus, which will bring inherent benefits, such as increased screen space and a larger battery. What this model did not bring to the company is an improvement in sales, but this does not mean that the iPhone 15 mini will return in 2023.

The drop in the iPhone 14 Plus is likely due to the result of a slowing economy, which translates to lower sales

As 2023 approaches, Apple is said to have plans for its iPhone 15 range, including offering more exclusive features for the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Ultra to generate higher revenues and increase the average selling price. Unfortunately, those who were looking forward to seeing another compact iPhone in action will be disappointed, as LeaksApplePro tweeted that Apple currently has no plans to launch the iPhone 15 mini.

The iPhone 13 mini was the last compact device produced by Apple, and compared to the rest of the range, it didn’t rack up huge numbers of shipments, although that number was in the millions. According to an update from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo in September this year, sales of the iPhone 13 mini were actually higher than the iPhone 14 Plus’, which indicates that demand is lacking for cheaper versions this year.

However, the completely opposite consumer behavior was shown for the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, but these changes may reflect the fact that consumers have little purchasing power due to high inflation. Instead of buying the iPhone 14 Plus, which can be upgraded after two years, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max customers may have opted to use the premium devices for up to three years, giving them a 12-month gap to save.

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With Apple freezing hiring in October, the tech giant likely has an idea that 2023 won’t be the smoothest ride in terms of profitability, and wants to make sure the iPhone 15 launch goes well. After all, if a company’s largest contributor to its total revenue can’t perform well, its other products and services will follow, so by choosing smartly, we probably won’t see the iPhone 15 mini next year, though we’ll be very fortunate. Surprised if he arrived.

news source: leaks

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