AMD A620 motherboards spotted as manufacturers prepare to stock cheaper AM5 options next month

AMD motherboard partners are preparing cheaper AM5 options in the form of the A620 chipset which should hit shelves next month.

AMD A620 motherboards to bring value back to the Ryzen platform with several inexpensive AM5 options

Since the launch of the AM5, no motherboard manufacturer has released a product with the $125 price tag that AMD had promised. In fact, most of the B650 motherboards that were supposed to bring back affordability on the AM5 platform ended up with insane prices that made the AM4 a better value. To make matters worse, DDR5 and cooling solutions for AMD Ryzen CPUs are still very expensive because the newer memory standard has not yet reached parity with DDR4 (although it is close) and the costs of cooling components have skyrocketed due to inflation.

AMD lost the battle of value against Intel initially if we compare the latest platforms of the two companies (AM5 vs LGA1700) however, the red team is not standing still and has taken actions to amend these initial shortcomings such as the introduction of Ryzen 7000 Non-X CPUs which come at cheaper prices and offer the same performance Almost while running cooler and offering much better power efficiency are the upcoming Ryzen 7000 X3D CPUs which will catch gamers’ attention on the AM5 platform as it offers the fastest gaming performance on the planet and soon, AMD partners are also planning to launch the A620 series of motherboards.

The AMD A620 chipset hasn’t been officially announced yet, but AMD has promised to offer consumers a cheaper AM5 solution in February. As such, motherboard makers are getting ready to launch motherboards and some of these new products have slipped in at EEC which includes four Gigabyte products:

  • Gigabyte A620M D3H
  • Gigabyte A620M DS3H
  • Gigabyte A620M S2H
  • Gigabyte A620MH.
  • Gigabyte A620M k
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The A620 TUF Gaming Plus motherboard from ASUS is listed on Goofish for 799 RMB, or $120 USD. (Image credits: Videocardz)

In addition to Gigabyte motherboards, there is also one ASUS A620 model, the TUF Gaming Plus (DDR5) which is listed on Goofish for 799 RMB. That’s still around $120, but if we compare the prices to the B650’s offering, that’s a roughly $110 price difference, which is a massive difference. Now, the prices on Goofish are not necessarily final and may even be lower. We also don’t know the full specifications of the chipset yet how well it will compare to the B650 boards.

Previous-generation A520 motherboards were vastly different, with no overclocking support and generally lower amounts of input and output. If this is the case with the A620, it might be a better option for some users to invest in the more expensive B650 platform but unless we know the full details, we can’t say for sure. Expect more information on AMD A620 AM5 motherboards next month.

News source: Videocardz

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