A truly comprehensive cyber timeline for the invasion of Ukraine

Updated 11/24/2022: A very comprehensive cyber timeline for the invasion of Ukraine

The George Washington University National Security Archive has updated its extremely comprehensive timeline (more than 140 pages to date) of the cyber-related aspects of the war in Ukraine during its Ukraine Cyber ​​Project. It is not just figures and data, but also contains short summaries of articles, events and incidents. A fantastic resource. Read more: Ukraine Cyber ​​Timeline

Overview: Ukraine Cyber ​​Project

The National Security Archive — a project of George Washington University in Washington, D.C. — has launched a new initiative called the Ukraine Cyber ​​Project in which researchers will document the role of cyber operations in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and how they contributed to enhancing traditional kinetic warfare.

While Russia’s overt resort to cyber-attacks falls short of the level of intensity most observers expected – a lesson in itself – the war in Ukraine has provided many fascinating insights into topics such as: how smaller states can effectively counter the actions of a larger aggressor ; the importance of alliances and cooperative relationships between cyber actors; the key role of the private sector and the dynamics of its interactions with governments; the broad impact hackers have had and the mix of motivations behind their actions, alongside the nature of their connections to governments, used to make them bitter opponents.

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