A Persona 3 remake is in the works; Additional content will be cut for both FES and P3P

Persona 3 is coming to modern game consoles and PC later this month, but it looks like gamers will get a chance to experience the story of the third entry in the ATLUS series in the future with a complete remake.

ResetERA user lolilolailo, an Xbox user who correctly revealed that the third, fourth, and fifth entry in the series will be coming to Xbox Game Pass before the official announcement, has revealed that a full remake of Persona 3 is one of the unannounced projects the Japanese studio is working on. The new version will feature visuals in the context of Persona 5 and a lot of quality of life improvements. Unfortunately, the new version will not feature all of the content ever created for the game, which was offered in the P3 FES and P3P versions, such as The Answer epilogue and the female main character campaign.

Because P3P is a cheap port of a PSP game, like P4G. It’s easy money and you can bring the “full” saga (because, let’s be honest, there are no P1 and P2) to the new consoles. P3R Persona 5 is similar, both graphically and quality-wise. And the content (or lack thereof) may not make all fans happy, so they still have P3P. It’s also Atlus.

Speaking more about what content the Persona 3 remake won’t feature, insiders suggest this will be an answer episode from P3 FES and the main female character campaign from P3P. Additionally, they also told a user not to get their hopes up in terms of any improvement to Tartarus, the game’s procedurally-driven main dungeon.

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While lolilolailo has proven reliable in the past, we have to take this with a grain of salt until this Persona 3 remake is officially announced. The user and information disclosed have been scrutinized by the ResetERA mod, so there may be some truth to what has been revealed.

As mentioned above, PC and console players will soon be able to try out Persona 3 Portable. The game, which will be released worldwide on January 19, includes a lot of new content not found in the original and several quality of life improvements that make the experience more enjoyable.

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