A Forspoken Demo has been leaked before the show

The Forspoken demo is the latest leak to happen from official sources after the PlayStation Store leaked the Street Fighter 6 release date and the Microsoft Store leaked the Diablo IV release date.

Earlier today, Japan’s PlayStation Twitter account reposted the teaser for the Forspoken gameplay show set to air tomorrow at 10am PST, but did so with a thumbnail that read, “Forspoken beta trailer announced.” The tweet has now been deleted, but of course that hasn’t stopped Someone take a screenshot.

It looks like there’ll be a demo for Forspoken soon, which makes sense given that Luminous Productions’ open-world RPG raised some eyebrows at previous showcases, though the most recent one has been more promising.

It’s the first game made by the developer of Final Fantasy XV since that game’s launch in late 2016. Forspoken was originally scheduled for May 24, 2022 before being delayed twice, the first to October 11, 2022, and the second to the current date. January 24, 2023.

The story sees protagonist Fry Holland (played by actress Ella Balinska), an ordinary young woman, mysteriously transported from her home in New York to a fantasy world called Athena. It is here that Fry discovers that she has access to many magical abilities, making her the only hope this land has against the corrupting power of Fracture. This blight has turned the once benevolent warlock rulers called tantas into deranged tyrants that Frey will have to fight.

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As evidenced by the gameplay footage released so far, the protagonist uses magic to enhance his movement through parkour and summon spells from a list of over 100 spells to improve himself, defend himself, or attack enemies in many different ways.

Forspoken, which is scheduled for release on PC and PlayStation 5, will also take advantage of cutting-edge technologies such as ray tracing and will be the first PC game to use the DirectStorage API. Load times are said to be very short on both platforms (here’s an example on the PS5 version).

On PC, AMD has partnered with Square Enix to implement its proprietary technologies (including FSR 2.0) into the game and introduce Forspoken in a previous Raise the Game package.

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