A big announcement for the Final Fantasy series coming out this year, Yoshinori Kitase Refiels

2023 is going to be one of the best years ever for Square Enix’s Final Fantasy series, with rhythm game Theatrhytm Final Bar Line released next month, the 16th main entry in the series in June and FFVII: Rebirth sometime during the winter. However, it looks like fans of the series will have something else to look out for this year.

In a welcome to the new year post on the official Final Fantasy website, Final Fantasy VII producer Rebeth Yoshinori Kitase revealed that a large announcement related to the series, not related to FFVII, will be released later this year.

Happy New Year to all of you.
FINAL FANTASY XVI is set to be released this year, which means Yoshi-P needs your support now more than ever. Cheer on him for doing the best he can!

Also! Development is gaining speed for the title it spawned, FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH. I’m sure many of your collective imaginations are running wild trying to envision how we’re going to recreate some of the game’s most iconic scenes, and we’ll have more to share about that when the time is right.

There is also another big announcement unrelated to FFVII that I can’t say anything about yet.
Rest assured, we’re working hard to make sure 2023 is the most exciting year yet.

Since Yoshinori Kitase added nothing else, it is not possible to say what ad he might be talking about. Thanks to the massive GeForce Now leak from 2021, we know Square Enix is ​​working on a rehash of Final Fantasy Tactics and a remake of Final Fantasy IX, so it could be talking about any game.

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As mentioned above, the next big Final Fantasy game to be released in 2023 is Final Fantasy XVI. The game, which will launch exclusively on PlayStation 5 in June, promises to be darker than previous entries in the series, having earned a Mature rating from the ESRB for its violence and sexual elements.

Players use swords and magic attacks (such as fireballs and lightning strikes) to kill characters in melee-style combat. During combat sequences, players can perform cinematic attacks/finishing moves by following on-screen prompts. The fights are fast paced, accompanied by impact sounds, cries of pain, and big explosions. Blood splatter effects frequently occur when characters are slashed and killed. Cut scenes depict additional violence and blood: a figure’s hands severed by a sword; cut the guard’s throat with a knife; figure impaled through the chest; A prisoner’s shoulder stabbed and draped with an interrogator’s blade.

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