4 electronic cores, 4 threads, speeds up to 3.1GHz

We all know that Intel is lining up All-E-Core design CPUs under its Alder Lake-N lineup that will include the likes of the N200, N100, and N95.

Intel Alder Lake-N N95 CPU with only 4 e-cores leaked: 3.1GHz clocks, 6MB L3 cache

We know Intel is ending its Pentium & Celeron branding moving forward and entry-level chips will now be designated as either “Core” or “N” standard parts. While the ‘Core’ SKUs feature a hybrid or P-Core-only design, the ‘N’ SKUs will only come with an E-Core design.

So far, we’ve known about two Intel Alder Lake-N SKUs, the N200 and N100, but the blue team appears to have a third variant called the N95, not the N95 (mask). While the N200 and N100 feature a dual Gracemont E-Core cluster design, the N95 appears to feature a single cluster enabled. As such, the Intel N95 comes with a total of 4 cores and 4 threads.

The Intel N95 CPU has a base clock of 1.70GHz but has a maximum clock speed of 3.1GHz. The CPU also holds 6MB of L3 cache and 2MB of L2 cache. It is not mentioned which platform the chip was running on but it has 8GB of memory. Since it is meant to be a Pentium / Celeron desktop replacement, we can expect the LGA 1700/1800 socket platform.

In terms of performance, the CPU scored 781 points in single core and 1978 points in multi core. 1st Gen Ryzen 5 1400/1500 CPUs with 4 cores and 8 threads deliver similar single-threaded performance and up to 60% higher cross-threading thanks to twice the number of threats. The main difference is that these chips are rated at 65W while Alder Lake-N CPUs are supposed to run at a much lower TDP. Intel’s Alder Lake-N CPUs haven’t been released yet, but we can expect them in OEM PCs in early 2023.

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